CTC- I Double Doors Hot Air Circulating Drying Oven price

Group Hot Air Circulation Drying Machine
Min. Order 1 set
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Update Time 2019-09-29
Item specifics
Drying quantity per time (kg)100
Power of blower fan (kw)1.1
Consumed steam(L/min)20
Drying cart (pcs)2
Drying pan(pcs)48
Machine Size (mm)2300*1200*2433

CTC- I Double Doors Hot Air Circulating Drying Oven price 


  This machine is equipped with low-noise and high-temperature resistant axial fan, the whole circulating system is fully closed, most of the hot air is circulated in the oven, it has high heat efficiency. Besides, it makes use of forced ventilation; there is adjustable air dividing plate in oven that enables the material to be dried evenly. The whole machine has low noise and balanced running, automatic temperature control. It is convenient to install and maintain.

  This hot air circulation oven is tray mode intermittent drying equipment that is high in utility,applicable for material dehumidifying and heating in pharmacy, chemical industry, food industry, light industry, electronics and other fields.

                                           ———Technical Parameters———



Production capacity

120 – 200 kg/batch

Service temperature

room temperature – 140 °C

Power of blower fan

0.45 KW

Electric heater

15 KW

Consumed steam

20 kg/h

Air quantity

4510 m3/h

Temperature difference in oven

± 2 °C

Supporting baking pan

24  pcs

Supporting baking cart

2 units

Overall size

2300x2200x1200 mm

Net weight

1600 kg

                                                                        ———Major components———    







CTC-I oven

2300x2200x1200 mm

Inside: stainless steel, 1.2 mm

Outside: stainless steel,1.2 mm


Baking cart

950x710x1510 mm

304 # stainless steel


Baking pan

640x460x45 mm

304 # stainless steel


Magnetic valve

6 inch

304 # stainless steel


Steam trap

6 inch

A3 carbon steel


Control box

320x160x450 mm

304 # stainless steel


                                                                            ———Product image———


 Feature 1

Heating source includes electricity and electrical steam two modes.

 Feature 2

 Service temperature: room temperature – 140 °C.

 Feature 3

 The temperature is controlled automatically, and is recorded by the recorder.

 Feature 4

 Inner wall of oven adopts full welding; each transitional part adopts arc transition, no dead angle.

 Feature 5

 The whole machine has favorable sealing performance, the unique guide rail sealing device guarantees fine sealing performance for the whole machine.

 Feature 6

 The air inlet port is equipped with high efficiency air filter; dehumidification port is equipped with medium efficiency air filter.

 Feature 7

 Components and parts in the oven can be dismantled and installed quickly, it is convenient for cleaning.
 Feature 8 The control system has button control, text display and touch screen for selection, they are all convenient to operate, and prolongs the service life.
 Feature 9 

Most of the hot air is circulated in oven, high heat efficiency, energy saving.

 Feature 10 It makes use of forced ventilation; there is adjustable air dividing plate in oven that enables the material to be dried evenly.
 Feature 11 The whole machine has low noise and balanced running, automatic temperature control, and it is convenient to install and maintain.
 Feature 12


Wide application range, it is able to dry various materials. It is a universal type drying equipment.

 Feature 13 The whole machine meets the “ GMP” standard.