LTN-4/1000 Hot selling plant palm kernel sesame avocado oil ethanol extraction machine

Group Extracting and Concentrating Machine
PriceUS $65000-65500 / set
Min. Order 1 set
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Update Time 2019-08-06
Item specifics
The volume of extracting (m³)4
Concentrating quantity(kg/h)1000
Raw Material Input Capacity (kg)400-600
Capacity of Concentrating Evaporator1000kg/hour
Water Circulation Capacity15-25T
The time of extraction (h)8
Concentrate density (%)1.2-1.35
The work temperature of extracting and concentratiWater: 50-90°C Alcohol: 40-80°C
Power of Vacuum Pump11kw

LTN-4/1000 Hot selling plant palm kernel sesame avocado oil ethanol extraction machine


Traditional Chinese medicine hot backset current low temperature draw low temperature concentrate unit comprehensive backset current, ooze and filter drawing, adverse current and hot backset current extraction and concentrate four kinds of principles. abstraction, concentrate two processes go on at the same time, one finish traditional medicine draw, concentrate the new craft of traditional Chinese medicine, take to change the draw pot keep high temperature with atmosphere fry the craft of boiling, utilize vacuum to shoulder proceed low temperature draw and low temperature concentrate, make working temperature to draw pot control in 60-80°C, concentrate temperature control in 50-70°C, guarantee crude drugs effective composition the distillation loss. Meanwhile draw and concentrate produced two steam enter backset current condenser become hot condensation liquid, falling back to and drawing it the pots, add to the crude drugs as the new solvent, the new solvent is passed the crude drugs layer from top to bottom, having played a oozing and filtering dynamically role, the soluble material which dissolves the crude drugs reaches the draw pot bottom, enter the concentrating device to concentrate again. According to practical experience and study for many years, hot condensation liquid of backset current invite within 2.5-3 hours drawing former solvent of pot all change once, can keep a higher density to the draw pot crude drugs in unit time.

Machine Main Technical Data:



The volume of extracting (m³)


Concentrating quantity(kg/h)


Raw Material Input Capacity (kg)


Capacity of Concentrating Evaporator


Water Circulation Capacity


The time of extraction (h)


Concentrate density (%)


The work temperature of extracting and concentrating (°C)

Water: 50-90°C Alcohol: 40-80°C

Power of Vacuum Pump


Installation Diagram: