FZG-48 Rectangular Vacuum Drying Machine for food herbs with low temperature

Group Vacuum Drying Machine
PriceUS $15000 / piece
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2019-09-12
Item specifics
Tray Holder Layers12
Distance between layers122
Tray Size (mm)460*640*45mm
Tray Quantity48pcs
Inner pressure (MPa)<0.784
Heating Temperature ℃35—150
Vacuum Rate (MPa)≤0.097
Water Evaporation Rate (kg/h)101kg(under -0.1MPa and 110℃) 60-80kg (under -0.1MPa and 70℃)
Vacuum Pump and PowerSK-3 5.5kw (without condenser) 7.5kw (with condenser)
Machine Weight3200kg

FZG-48 Rectangular Vacuum Drying Machine for fruit food herbs powder

Working Principle and Main Features:

1. The machine adopts vacuum pump for sucking the air and moisture from the inner machine, make the raw materials are under vacuum situation for heating and fast drying.

2. When the temperature is fixed, and increases the vacuum rate of the inner machine, it will help to make the drying more faster.

3. When the temperature is fixed, and increase the vacuum rate, it will also make the drying faster.

4. If increase both vacuum rate and temperature degree, then the drying speed will be faster.

5. The machine can be equipped with condenser for Solvent recovery which contains in raw materials.

Usage of Machine:

  • This machine special for drying of the raw materials which are easily damaged under high temperature. Because the machine is low temperature in vacuum situation drying.
  • If sterilized before drying, there will never get other object or bacteria contains in raw materials.
  • This machine is widely used in Chemical, pharmaceutical, food and electronic industry, because of its low temperature drying never destroy raw materials.

Main Technical Data:




Inner Size(mm)


Outter Size (mm)


Tray Holder Layers


Distance between layers


Tray Size (mm)


Tray Quantity


Inner pressure (MPa)


Heating Temperature


Vacuum Rate (MPa)


Water Evaporation Rate (kg/h)

101kg(under -0.1MPa and 110℃)

60-80kg (under -0.1MPa and 70℃)

Vacuum Pump and Power

SK-3  5.5kw (without condenser)

7.5kw (with condenser)

Machine Weight


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