Application and Questions on Cartoner Machine

Q: How many different sealing type of cartoner?

A: Mainly two different types: Glue Sealing and Folding sealing.

Q: What kind of product can cartoner machine pack?

A: Blister strip, Soft Alu Strip, Glass Bottle, Plastic Bottle, Soap, Bulb,etc. any kinds of product which can be packed into small box under our machine range

.Q: How many different models we have?

A: we have different models according to different production capacity which are 50box/min, 100boxes/min, 200boxes/min, 300boxes/min, 400boxes/min

Q: Are they all automatic cartoner machine?

A: only ZH-50 model is our semi automatic cartoner machine. 

Q: Can the cartoner machine connected with different inner packaging machinery?

A: Yes, the cartoner machine can connect to filling machine, blister packing machine, pillow type packing machine, tube filling machine, etc. 

Q: What is the maintainance period of cartoner machine?

A: Every three month the operator should do the lubrication and system checking on the mechanical system and electrical system. According to our Maintanance Manual, the operator can do it easily.

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