Bag Packing Machine

Bag Packing Machine


Bag Packing Machine

Bag Packing Machine



Q1What are the advantages of the horizontal bag packing machine?

AIt is fast, clean, and runs more stable.


Q2DXD series vertical packaging machine, bag maker, when packing things of different weight, but the back seal specification used is in the range of Bag width: 80~200mm, Bag length: 80~300mm, does the bag former need to be replaced?

AIt needs to be replaced, and one set of molds is used for one bag width. The bag length for Vertical Forming sealing machine can be adjusted by touch screen without changing any bag former.


Q3What is the maximum film width of DXD-80?

AMax. Film width for DXD-80 Vertical Forming Sealing Sachet packing machine can be 200mm.


Q4Does the DXD900 powder four-side sealing packaging machine have its own easy cutting line function (perforation line)?

AYes, just install the blade on the horizontal seal roller, the four sides sealing sachet packing machine can do perforation line.


Q5Vertical packaging machine: powder screw, granule measuring cup, granule and powder mixture should use measuring cup for feeding?

AYes, the granule should use measuring cup for packaging, and the adjustable range of the machine is 10% up and down. If the granule filling volume exceeds 10% up and down, two machines are needed. The screw for powder can be changed by changing the screw head.


Q6What is the packaging accuracy of the powder packaging machine (DXD-80F, DXD-350F)?

AUsually the accuracy is +/-3%.


Q7Powder four-side sealing pouch packaging machine: Can you provide packaging materials?

AWe can recommend you the film manufacturer who we cooperate all the time.


Q8How many times can the powder packaging machine with 4 lanes, 6lanes and 8 lanes be discharged in one minute? How many bags can the multi lane packaging machine produce in a minute?

ANeed to know the specific machine, and then determine according to the actual filling quantity and material properties. Then we can calculate the production capacity for you.


Q9Multi-lane four-side sealing packaging machines have the same bag specifications, but can I share a set of measuring cups for packing things of different weights? Do I need to change the mold?

AA set of measuring cups can be shared without changing molds for Multi lane packaging machine.


Q10Can the multi-lane four-side sealing packaging machine be controlled by the touch screen to adjust the weight of the measuring cup? Or manual adjustment?

AManual adjustment.


Q11Packing machine: What are the disadvantages of filling mung bean-sized particles with screw feeding?

AThe particles are too large, blocking the feeding port, and the feeding volume and metering are not accurate.


Q12Tea bag packaging machine: Can bags of different shapes (round, triangle, rectangle) be made with one machine?

AAccording to the size, the mold should be replaced.


Q13How to add different materials to one bag with one machine? It means I have different materials in one bag, but we need to do feeding at the same time. Which machine comes with this function?

ADepending on the specific materials, the equipment has three free stations and can add up to three different materials. If there are more materials, you can use a chain bucket feeder. Our HorizonTop-Series and RotaTop-Series machine can do multiple material feeding function.


Q14Pillow type packing machine can only do back side sealing? The bag size is different, can it be adjusted?

AIt can only be used as a back side seal, and the size of the bag can be adjusted by changing the former.