Capsule filling machine

Capsule filling machine


Capsule filling machine

Q1:Can the ProCap-2 double-head semi-automatic capsule filling machine be made of 316L?

A:The capsule plate can only be made of aluminum. If the others are replaced with stainless steel 316L, the price will be increased by 3000 yuan.

Capsule filling machine

Capsule filling machine


Q1Can the ProCap-2 double-head semi-automatic capsule filling machine be made of 316L?

AThe capsule plate can only be made of aluminum. If the others are replaced with stainless steel 316L, the price will be increased by 3000 yuan.


Q2JTJ-A semi-automatic capsule filling machine, can the language of the touch screen be French? Do I need to add money?

AThe language of the touch screen can be changed to French without any additional money. If the touch screen is added, an additional 2,000 yuan is required.


Q3Two JTJ-H machines share one air compressor or two machines need to be equipped with two air compressors. How big is the air compressor?

AOne JTJ-H machine is equipped with an air compressor of 50L or 100L. Two machines are placed in two places, so two air compressors should be equipped. Air compressors are recommended to be purchased locally.


Q4Is the vacuum pump of the semi-automatic capsule filling machine an oil-free vacuum pump?



Q5Does the semi-automatic capsule filling machine have the function of compressing products? There are flakes in the customer's materials.

AFeeding by screw, with extrusion function.


Q6What is the difference between semi-automatic capsule filling machine JTJ-A and DTJ-V?

A1. All the molds of JTJ-A are stainless steel except for the capsule plate. DTJ-V are all copper.

2. The operating platform of JTJ-A is formed at one time, which is more convenient to clean.

3. JTJ-A speed control has three sowing capsules, powder adding screw and powder adding turntable. DTJ-V has only two powder adding screws and powder adding turntable.


Q7The vacuum pump of the double-head semi-automatic capsule filling machine leaks oil and heats up. Why?

AThe cloth bag is blocked, the voltage is unstable, and the seal is not good.


Q8Is there a Duns report for the double-head semi-automatic capsule filling machine?

ADuns report is actually Duns number. If there are no special requirements, we can make a simple version for 3000 yuan, and the business version requires 16800 yuan. Duns & Bradstreet’s 9-digit code will be sent to us directly by Duns & Bradstreet.


Q9Does the capsule filling machine need a water chiller?

AIf it is a water ring vacuum pump, water is required for sealing. But we will distribute the water tank to protect the vacuum pump from damage caused by overheating.


Q10What kinds of material transfers are available for the automatic capsule filling machine? Is the price the same?

AThe automatic capsule filling machine has an empty capsule feeder and a powder feeder, and the price is similar.


Q11Can the automatic capsule filling machine NJP-1200C make #000 capsules?

AYes, you need to add money for number 000, 8000 yuan.


Q12Is the touch screen configuration of the automatic capsule filling machine njp1200c by default Siemens? Is the machine updated?

AThe standard configuration of the fully automatic capsule filling machine is Siemens. NJP1200C is upgraded to 1200D. The upper part of the discharge port of C is mechanically ejected. The lower part of the mechanical structure uses an old-fashioned external cam and a water circulation vacuum pump. The D-type discharge port is natural Flip, cam structure in the lower part, dry vacuum pump.


Q13Does the automatic capsule filling machine have its own cleaning function? How is it usually cleaned?

AThere is no automatic cleaning, and WIP can be done in a fully enclosed condition.


Q14Does the automatic capsule filling machine use air washing or water washing to clean the capsule tray?

AAir wash first, then water wash.


Q15How is the accuracy of the automatic capsule filling machine NJP #5 capsule filling small pellets?

A#5 Capsules, small pellets are not easy to add. They are too small. Generally, it depends on the size of the small pellets. The accuracy is generally ±5%.


Q16Capsule filling machine, is there any solution for materials with poor powder fluidity?

AScrews and scrapers can be used in the feeder.


Q17Can the capsule filling machine fill small pills?

AYes, the speed will be 40% slower relative to powder.


Q18How to solve the problem of powder leakage in the capsule filling machine?

AFirst, find out the reason for the leakage:

1. The reason for the capsule shell.

2. The suction of the vacuum pump is not enough, adjust the vacuum pump.

3. The powder is too viscous, causing the upper and lower modules to stick to the powder, and the upper and lower modules need to be cleaned in time.

4. There is a gap between the upper and lower modules, use the debugging rod to re-calibrate.

5. The thickness of the dose tray is less than the filling volume, and the filling volume needs to be adjusted or the thickness of the dose tray needs to be increased.


Q19If the capsule filling machine adds pellets, do we need to change the pellet feeder according to the size of the capsule?

AThe Pellet Feeder pellet feeder means that the capsule is filled with small balls and cannot be split. The feeding head is different according to the size of the capsule. The 4# and 5# capsules are too small to be made.


Q20Is the vacuum pump of the automatic capsule filling machine an oil-free vacuum pump? How much does it cost to change to an oil-free vacuum pump?

No, add 5000 yuan for replacement.


Q21Can this capsule filling machine fill a capsule by weight? (Can this capsule filling machine fill a capsule by weight? How to operate?)

ANo, it is determined according to the thickness of the dose disc and the depth of the filling rod.


Q22What is the actual output per minute of NJP-1200?

APowder: 1200 grains per minute. Pellets: 800 pills per minute.


Q23Will changing the mold of NJP1200D affect the use status and life of the machine?

No, but novices may have difficulty installing molds.


Q24NJP-1200C automatic capsule filling machine, when it is turned on, the alarm light of the machine keeps flashing, and then it sounds an alarm. The display shows "phase order protectioin".

AItem line protection! The electric connection is wrong, just change any two live wires.


Q25NJP-1200C fully automatic matching vacuum cleaner, how long does it take to change the bag inside?

AThe cloth bag depends on the situation. If the dust is large, some customers will wash and dry it at night and use it the next day. If the dust is not too large, you can wash it for a few more days.


Q26NJP-1200C fully automatic matching vacuum cleaner, the machine is running, but it does not have the function of vacuuming, and the workshop is full of powder.

AFirst, replace the w2 and v2 connectors.

Second, enter manual mode and turn on the vacuum cleaner.

Third, try to see if you are inhaling in the vacuuming mouth. If it is inhaling, the vacuum cleaner is working properly.


Q27If the output of the soft gelatin machine is doubled, will the plastic tank and the rotating cage also be doubled?

AYes, both the plastic tank and the rotating cage need to be enlarged.


Q28Regarding the soft capsule material, is it possible to provide vegetable glue?



Q29It takes a day to dry soft capsules. Can a drying machine save time? What machine is it?

AYou can use a dehumidifying rotating cage to save drying time, about 8-10 hours.


Q30The material of the soft capsule is omega3, can it be prepared by molecular distillation?

ACod liver oil is usually first supercritically extracted and then molecularly distilled


Q31What is the role of glycerin in soft capsules?



Q32How long does it take for the soft capsules to be dried in a rotating cage? (Fixed pre-drying)

AIt usually takes 6-8 hours.


Q33How long does it take for the trays of soft capsules to dry? (finally dry)

AIt usually takes 18-24 hours.


Q34What is the role of colloid mill in soft capsule machine?

AThe colloid mill is mainly used to produce products with particles. If the particles are too large, the syringe will be blocked, so it will be placed on the colloid mill to grind the particles and then on the machine for production.


Q35Can the glue preparation of the soft capsule machine be made into vegetable (vegetarian) soft glue? What is the difference in the process?

AThe production process of vegetable gum soft capsule and gelatin soft capsule is different, and the gelatinization process is also different. The price of the host itself will be about 60,000 yuan more expensive than the original one.


Q36The comparative advantages of gelatin and HPMC capsules. Are HPMC capsules also called vegetarian capsules or halal capsules?

AHPMC is a vegetable capsule, and all those without pig skin glue are halal capsules.


Q37Is the paintball making machine the same as the ordinary soft capsule machine?

AThe same, but the customer needs to provide the production process.


Q38Which capsule has a capacity of less than 0.5ml?

A#1 capsule.


Q39Can the capsule plate of the semi-automatic double-head capsule machine be customized to be larger?



Q40Will the size of the capsule affect the number of holes in the capsule plate?

AYes, No. 00 and No. 0 are 360 grains per plate, and No. 1-5 are 420 grains per plate.


Q41Will the capsule plate be anodized?

AOur capsule tray is Oxidized hardness treatment and will not be oxidized again when used.


Q42The capsule plate is made of aluminum and generally does not rust. Why is it anodized? What will happen after treatment?

AAfter oxidation, the hardness is higher and scratches are less likely to occur.


Q43Type of vacuum pump

AVacuum pumps include water ring vacuum pumps (standard for NJP), oil-free vacuum pumps (that is, Horiwang), and oil vacuum pumps (standard for semi-automatic).


Q44How often does the vacuum pump change its oil and what kind of oil?

AThe first oil change was three months later, and every six months thereafter. Use vacuum pump oil, or gasoline if not available. (But it easily affects the service life.)


Q45The difference between dry pump and water ring pump

AThe water circulation pump needs a water tank, which is noisy. The dry pump does not need to add oil, is small in size, low in noise, and easy to maintain.


Q46Can the glue tank be placed directly next to the pill press (host), and the glue can be injected directly into the host?

AIt is not recommended in principle of GMP, and it has no effect on production.


Q47What is the general value of the gap between the measuring plate and the copper plate? Take traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine as examples.

AThe general Chinese medicine is 15 silk, and the small western medicine is generally 7 silk


Q48Can different materials be loaded on one machine and weighed separately?

AAccording to the material situation, it can be designed to fill two different materials on the same equipment.


Q49How to realize aluminum tube into plastic tube on one machine?

AIn addition to changing molds, corresponding workstations must be added.


Q50What is the function of the vertical polishing machine?

AThe powder on the polishing capsule is conveyed from bottom to top, which will polish more cleanly, and has the function of shaving.


Q51Does the capsule polishing machine include the vacuum cleaner price? Or do I need to bring my own vacuum cleaner?

AThe vacuum cleaner is included. It's just plastic, the household one. If it continues to run for more than 6 hours, it is recommended to buy an industrial vacuum cleaner.


Q52Is the sorting function of the capsule polishing machine the same as the waste rejection function?

AThe same.