Counting machine

Counting machine


Counting machine

Q1:Why does the LTMC-A counting machine requires bottle height and cap diameter to be manufactured? Can it be adjusted?

A:The height is adjustable, and the feed nozzle is made according to the diameter of the bottle cap. The diameter of the bottle cap is different, and the feeding nozzle is different. The size of the feeding nozzle does not exceed 3, and the feeding nozzle can be provided free of charge, which is convenient for customers to replace.

Counting machine

Q1: Why does the LTMC-A counting machine requires bottle height and cap diameter to be manufactured? Can it be adjusted?

AThe height is adjustable, and the feed nozzle is made according to the diameter of the bottle cap. The diameter of the bottle cap is different, and the feeding nozzle is different. The size of the feeding nozzle does not exceed 3, and the feeding nozzle can be provided free of charge, which is convenient for customers to replace.


Q2: What is the difference between electric and pneumatic semi-automatic desktop capping machine?

AElectric capping machine caps plastic caps, pneumatic capping machine can cap aluminum caps, and the height can be customized.


Q3: The difference between screw capping machine and crimping machine.

AThe screw capping machine is suitable for plastic screw caps, and the capping machine is usually suitable for flip-off caps and aluminum caps.


Q4: What are the countable products of the counting machine? Can soft capsules be counted?

AThe material is not larger than 40mm, and the equipment can be counted for our automatic capsule counting machine.


Q5: The more the channel, the faster the speed or the more counted?

AThe more channels, the faster the speed.


Q6: How accurate is the electronic counting machine to count capsules?

A100% while counting capsules into bottles.


Q7: How to clean and clean the electronic counting machine?

AUsually, like medicinal powder, you can clean it with a vacuum cleaner and wipe it with a damp cloth dipped in alcohol.


Q8: The electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine is divided into water cooling and air cooling? How to distinguish?

AWater cooling is more expensive than air cooling, and water cooling requires a water tank. But water cooling is better to use on production line for 24 hours working. So if you are buying the counting production line, we suggest you to use water cooling aluminum induction sealing machine.


Q9: What are the Factors affecting the production speed of the counting machine.

AMaterial Size, Counting quantity per bottle, different counting machine model,etc. You can tell us your counting quantity and your desired production capacity per month, we can figure out which is the best counting machine model for your production.


Q10: The classification of unscrambler bottles and the advantages and disadvantages of each category.

AThe rotary semi-automatic bottle unscrambler needs to put the bottles manually, which is suitable for slow equipment and glass bottles. Normally we call this machine as Automatic Bottle Turn Table. This machine is suitable for both plastic bottle and glass bottle.

The automatic bottle unscrambler has high-speed, which need to change the mold, and the speed is relatively fast, but it is only suitable for plastic bottles.


Q11: In the bottle unscrambler, if the diameter of the bottle is different, do I need to change the turntable inside?

ABottles with a diameter similar to 1cm may not need to be replaced, and if they differ too much, the mold turntable needs to be replaced. So you need to tell us your different bottle size before you order the machine.


Q12: Is there a function that can automatically detect the quantity in each bottle? If not, what method can be used to check.

AIt is not possible to detect how many pcs in each bottle, But only the weight of the contents inside, so as if you want to check if the count is correct, our machine comes with automatic detection and rejection system, but normally the client will also add one Weight Checker after counting machine for checking the total weight of the count, the accuracy can reach to +/-0.4gram.



Q13: Inside the counting machine: Are photoelectric sensors and counting photoelectric heads increased according to the number of counting channels?

AThe photoelectric sensor is the counting main board. The 12-channel counting machine has only one counting photoelectric main board. There are 12 photoelectric detection areas on the main board. In common, 12 silos are used for blanking. Each silo has 8 photoelectric eyes. Detect objects from different angles and count them.


Q14: The number set in the counting machine is 60 tablets. Will it be counted less?

AThere will be no shortage, because the sensor counts the number of particles. If the target value is not reached, the vibrator will not stop, and the alarm will alarm when the number is too large or shortage happens. If it comes with wrong count, the machine will reject the wrong count bottle.



Q15: How to realize the automatic rejection function of the high-speed counting machine Model CountPro-Series?

ACounting the particles through the photoelectric eye detects whether the quantity dropped into the bottle is accurate, and automatically rejects the wrong bottle. 



Q16: How many liters is the 8-channel hopper of the new high-speed counting machine? Can it be replaced with a larger one?

ACan be customized according to requirements, the standard one on the counting machine is 40L.




Q17: Is the height of the conveyor belt of the high-speed counting machine adjustable?

AYes, The standard adjustable range is 850±50mm. If you have different requirement on the conveyor belt heigh of capsule counting machine, you can tell us and we can customize for you.


Q18: What is the difference between transparency threshold and transparency factor?

AAdjust when the threshold length changes, and adjust the transparency coefficient when soft capsules are used.


Q19: What is the difference between deceleration vibration parameters and vibrator parameters?

AThe deceleration parameter refers to the frequency at which the vibrator needs to slow down after the first bottle count. The vibrator parameter is the vibration frequency.



Q20: Soft candy counting machine, the capacity is 30-60 tablets, the output: 30 bottles per minute, which one is better, CountPro-8 and LTEC-16?

ACountPro-8 is the best, because soft candy often produces powdered sugar, the machine has the functions of automatic powder blowing and automatic adjustment of the light source, and the count is more accurate. If LTEC-16 is used, it is also possible, but the photocells need to be cleaned regularly during production, and production needs to be stopped and cleaned again.



Q21: Does the 8-channel counting machine add a lifting function, does it need to confirm the specifications of the bottle? Can the height from the feeding port to the conveyor belt be lifted and lowered? In addition, what is the diameter of the feed opening under normal conditions?

AThe 8-channel counting machine has a lifting function, and the bottle size must be confirmed. The standard diameter is 35mm. You need to confirm three points, bottle mouth, height, and bottle diameter.


Q22: CountPro-2 double-head automatic capsule counting machine, the capsule specifications are different, do I need to change the mould?

AYes, the mould needs to be changed. Like the LTMC-A, the mould needs to be changed. This model of the counting machine is specially used for counting hard gelatin capsules.


Q23: If There are 2 products (capsules and tablets) for the automatic electronic counting machine. Does it require to change mould while we change product?

AThere is no need to change the mold. If your bottle mouth size has a different size, just need to replace the filling nozzle of counting machine.


Q24: CountPro high-speed counting machine series, What is the work running time at full capacity before over heating the machine?

AOur CountPro-Series High Speed Counting Mahcine can run for 24 hours.