Cartoning machine

Cartoning machine


Q1:For the semi-automatic cartoning machine of ZH-50S, where is the mold to be changed when changing the mold?

A:Replace the mold on the turntable of Semi Automatic Cartoning Machine while the box width and length changed.

Cartoning machine

Q1:For the semi-automatic cartoning machine of ZH-50S, where is the mold to be changed when changing the mold?

AReplace the mold on the turntable of Semi Automatic Cartoning Machine while the box width and length changed.


Q2:For ZH-50s, the length and width of the box are the same, but the height is different. Can the same mold be used?

AYes, if width and length are the same, just the box height changed, you don’t need to change the mould of the Cartoner Machine.


Q3:Can the ZH-50 Cartoning Machine with automatic bottle feeding mechanism to be equipped with blister plates and small bags as well?

AYes, but the feeder needs to be replaced while you feeding different material on automatic cartoner machine.


Q4:Can the ZH-50S cartoning machine automatically put the stand-up pouch into the box?

AYes, it is necessary to equip the feeder station with automatic function.


Q5:Can the ZH-50 semi-automatic cartoning machine automatically feed small bags of particles (similar to Banlangen packaging)?

A: Yes. Semi automatic cartoning machine can equip one automatic feeder to feed small bags.


Q6:What information does the leaflet inserter required?

AWe need to know the leaflet Specification size, especially width, length and grammage of the paper.


Q7:Can the semi-automatic cartoning machine realize automatic feeding and adding leaflet paper?

AYes, you need to buy automatic leaflet feeder and automatic material feeder on our Cartoning machine, then the cartoning machine can work automatically.


Q8:What is the width adjustment range of the bottle feeding conveyor belt of the semi-automatic cartoning machine?

AThis is determined according to the bottle size, Normally the machine can works with Max. Bottle diameter at 100mm for ZH-50 Automatic Cartoner Machine.


Q9:What is the maximum range of carton box for the semi-automatic cartoning machine?

AZH-50 is divided into ordinary type and enlarged type.

Ordinary type: length + width 160mm, special size is designed separately.

Enlarged size: the length and width of the diagonal line shall not exceed 156mm, but the special size shall be designed separately.


Q10:If the material is not loaded successfully on the semi-automatic cartoning machine, does it alarm?

ADepending on the type of material, it is generally automatically filled bottles, leaflet, and paper cards that can be detected at the shaving waste detection station, and the missing packaging will be rejected but the machine will not alarm.


Q11:How much does the semi-automatic cartoning machine if we add multi weighing head?

AAdd the price according to the specific model of the multi weighing head.


Q12:Which packaging speed is faster, ZH-100 or ZH-120. What is the normal operating speed?

AThe speed is the same, they are just different structure Automatic Cartoning Machine with same production capacity.


Q13:What is the difference between the vertical cartoning machine and the horizontal cartoning machine?

AThe adjustable range of the vertical cartoning machine is smaller than that of the horizontal type. If the size is large, it is easy to use the horizontal cartoner machine. But the vertical cartoner machine is more space-saving.


Q14:How many samples are needed for the automatic cartoning machine for testing purpose?

AAt least 500 are needed for running a cartoning test.


Q15:How long does it take for the cartoning machine to change a set of molds?

AIt depends on the size of the box, usually 2-3 hours.


Q16:Is there a detector on the cartoning machine to detect whether the materials are loaded accurately?

AAccording to the design of the material type, most cartoning machines can detect whether the material is in place.


Q17:The maximum size of the cartoning machine?

AThe size range of the cartoning machine can be said only by looking at the appearance of the box, because now the cartoning machine can be customized non-standard, just depend on your box size.


Q18:What is the general thickness of the box for the cartoning machine?

AThe best is 300-350g/m². If It is too thin and cannot be opened fast, and too thick is also difficult to open.


Q19:If the width does not change and the height of the box changes, what needs to be adjusted?

AJust adjust the poles of the three-station sealing box downwards.


Q20:What does the GSM of the box mean?

AIt means GSM, Gram per square meter, which means weight of the carton.


Q21:How many sizes can be adjusted on the same machine at most?

AAs long as it is within the range, it's ok.


Q22:How to pack food in a box if you need 3 products in a box?

AIt depends on what the product is and the size of the product. We can design the cartoning machine according to your specific requirement.


Q23:Classification of leaflet folding machines

ASingle fold, double fold, four fold.


Q24:Where is the metal detection machine used?

AMetal detection is used to detect metal particles in materials, normally it should be set before cartoning machine.