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Mixing Machine


Mixing Machine

Mixing Machine


Q1Will the mixing and stirring of the container leave residual materials?

AThere will be no residue, unless the material is very sticky and the equipment is forced to stir.


Q2Does the powder mixer have requirements for the fluidity of the material?

AYes, sometimes it is necessary to choose a mixer based on fluidity, but for our pharmaceuticals, this impact is relatively small.


Q3Are all the mixers changeable barrels?

ASingle-arm V-type mixer, with square cone less than 20L or less, can change barrels.


Q4What is the thickness of stainless steel of the mixer?



Q5How many different materials can the mixer mix at most?

AThere is no requirement for material type and quantity while it doesn’t beyond Max. Loading capacity.


Q6When different forms of substances need to be added during the mixing process, does the machine additionally add a hopper?

Aunnecessary, You can load it into the mixer directly.


Q7What material is suitable for the 3D mixer?

ASuitable for materials with poor fluidity and difficult to mix, Of course you should load dry material.


Q8What is the Advantages of 3D mixer or 3D Blender?

A1. Short mixing time and high efficiency.

2. The mixed preparation is stable and does not cause delamination and segregation.

3. There is no dead corner in the mixing, which can effectively ensure the quality of the mixture.


Q9How many minutes does it take for a 3D mixer to mix at a time? Can pellets be mixed?

A10-20 minutes, you can mix the pellets.


Q10Are Horizontal Mixer, 3D Mixer and other mixers originally equipped with a stirrer?

ANeither of these two machines can be equipped with agitation.


Q11What is the difference between a double cone mixer and a 3D mixer?

AThe mixing effect of the 3D mixer is better, But the double cone mixer is cheaper.


Q12What kind of material is suitable for the double cone mixer? What are the characteristics of the machine?

ADry powder, small particles, compared with the V-type mixer, no dead ends, more convenient cleaning.


Q13What are the advantages of the lifting Bin Blender over the v-type mixer and the 3D mixer?

AV-type mixer is also a kind of 3D mixer! The material runs in 3D dimension while mixing works.

Lifting Bin Blender: The mixing uniformity is high, the hopper is movable, which greatly facilitates loading, mixing, discharging and cleaning; it can be organically connected with the front and rear process equipment to form an assembly line to avoid cross-contamination caused by repeated material transfer. The V-type mixer can With forced stirring, the mixing is more uniform, and it is inconvenient to clean compared to the V-type mixer.


Q14What is the difference between a Z mixer or Groove Type Mixer and a double cone mixer?

AMix different dry powders, Z type Mixer can dry powder or granules with liquid form as well, But Double Cone Mixer can mix dry powder form only.


Q15In addition to the difference in appearance, are there other differences between the Z Type mixer or Groove Type Mixer and the V-type mixer?

AThe Z Type mixer has a large feeding ratio, But poor mixing effect compare to V Type Blender. Z Type Mixer is usually used for mixing wet materials and mixing products with similar material ratios.


Q16What is The difference between ribbon Blender and double cone Blender?

AAdvantages of ribbon mixer:

1. The area is small, the barrel does not rotate, so it is safer to use while you have operators roaming in workshop.

2 . Add ingredients (if you need to add different ingredients in time), Ribbon Blender is convenient

2. For mixing materials with a little viscous and a little water content, or materials to be mixed with additives, the uniformity of the mixing is better than that of the double cone mixer.

Disadvantages of ribbon mixer:

1. There are many spiral ribbons, large pieces of material may be broken into small particles.

2. There are dead corners and it is inconvenient to clean compares to Double Blender.

3. If you are mixing dry powder, it is recommended to use a double cone mixer. The reason is that there are no dead ends and easy to clean.


Q17What is the Advantages and disadvantages of double cone mixer and V-type mixer?

AThe double cone mixer can achieve more than 2000L, and the V-type mixer can only achieve Max. 2000L mixing Volume. The double-cone mixer is easy to clean, has no dead ends, and the feed port is larger than that of the V-type mixer.


Q18What is the maximum and minimum weight and the maximum and minimum volume of VH-100 or VH-500?

AThe maximum volume of the mixer is 60%, and the minimum volume is 15%. The weight depends on the proportion of the customer's material, Or you can call it density of powder is required while doing weight calculation.


Q19Can the V-type mixer mix wet powder, and does it have a heating and drying function?

ANo, there is no drying function, not recommend to mix wet material.


Q20Why is the V-type mixer asymmetric for the left and right mixing arm?

AThe asymmetry formed by the unequal length of the two cylinders of the mixer is used for mixing. When the mixer moves, due to the difference in potential energy, the material changes from differentiation to combination. Due to the difference in potential energy, a lateral force is generated to promote the horizontal transfer of the material.


Q21In addition to mixing dry materials, can the wet materials be mixed with the V-type mixer?

ANo, only dry powder.


Q22Can the V-type mixer be equipped with a stirring rod? How much additional cost does it need to increase?

AYes, forced mixing, the price of 500L, about 1,000-3000 US dollars, it depends on what kind of Stir and motor you want to add.


Q23What should I do if the 100L mixer does not easy to move to different workshop?

AYou can add wheels to the bottom of the machine for 50USD each.