dryer pharmaceutical machinery




Q1What materials are suitable for spray drying?

AFluid materials that do not contain oil. It is recommended that the alcohol content should also be as low as possible.


Q2How much alcohol content in spray drying needs to be equipped with explosion-proof devices?

A5% or more.


Q3If spray drying can use pneumatic instead of electric, what device is needed?

AAn air compressor is required, and the spray dryer originally needs an air compressor.


Q4How is the diameter of spray drying machine chamber affected?

AMaterial moisture content, fluidity, drying temperature.


Q5What are the main factors affecting the price of spray drying machine?

A1. The material can withstand temperature

2. Material flowability

3. Spray Drying Tower diameter

4. Dedusting function

5. Spray Dryer structure material

6. Heating Source


Q6Can spray drying machine continue to be fed for several hours?

AIt can run for 24 hours, as long as the material is not sticky and does not block the atomizing head.


Q7What is the relationship between the inlet air temperature of spray drying machine and the price?

ABased on same product and same production capacity, The higher the inlet air temperature, the lower the equipment price.


Q8What is the cause of some impurities in the spray-dried powder?

AThe material is impure or the drying tower and piping system is impure.



Q9Can the spray dryer handle CaCl2 solution?



Q10Spray drying machine has an atomizing head and a spray gun. Is there only one to install? How to choose it?

AThe spray gun and the atomizing head are the same thing, one machine with one atomizer only.


Q11Where does spray dryer usually collect powder? Is it possible to quickly sample without stopping the machine?

AThe machine is usually equipped with a sampling port, and the sampling port can be directly sampled without stopping the machine.


Q12What does LPG use to adjust the inlet air temperature?

ALPG is a heating source, we will equip an Heating device for controlling heating, and the temperature is controlled by PLC.


Q13What device does LPG use to keep the inlet air temperature stable?

AFan and temperature controlling system


Q14Why can't LPG dry oily liquids?

AAfter the material is atomized, the oil will envelop the water, causing the water to fail to evaporate quickly, so oil-containing materials are not suitable for spray drying.


Q15The difference between vacuum belt dryer and ordinary dryer.

AVacuum belt drying is continuous drying and has the function of crushing and granulating. Vacuum Belt dryer can run 24hours*7days without stop, it saves lots of energy and labor.


Q16What are the main differences between herbal medicine extract spray drying equipment and ordinary spray drying equipment?

AThe main difference between them is the feeding method and the atomizing head. For materials with high viscosity, screw pumps are basically used, and a larger atomizing head is used.


Q17What are the dust removal methods of centrifugal spray drying machine?

AMostly we are using Water curtain dust removal and cloth bag dust removal.


Q18The centrifugal spray dryer Model LPG-50 needs to be used for the entire production line of milk powder. Is there any other machine needed?

A1. Homogenizer (usually a high-pressure homogenizer)

2. Pasteurizer

3. Thickener (usually using falling film concentration)

4. Spray drying

5. Packaging equipment


Q19In addition to electric heating and steam heating, is there any other heating method for centrifugal spray drying?

AElectric heating, steam heating, natural gas heating.

Steam heating requires a boiler, if it is a large-capacity machine, it is recommended to use steam for heating


Q20What materials are used for centrifugal spray drying and pressure spray drying?

ACentrifugal spray is suitable for dilute materials, and pressure spray is suitable for viscous materials or large particles.


Q21Is the herbal extract spray dryer and centrifugal spray dryer the same?

AThe appearance is similar, the former has more air sweeping devices and cooling devices than the latter.


Q22The difference between pressure spray dryer and centrifugal spray dryer


A1. Homogeneous emulsified materials (oil-containing) can use pressure spray dryer, which requires higher output.

2. For oil-free materials, centrifugal spray dryers can be used, which requires lower output.


Q23What is the difference between vacuum drying, hot air circulation drying, and microwave drying?

AVacuum drying: low temperature, low pressure, slow drying speed, material color and composition are not easy to change, suitable for fluids.

Hot air circulation drying: cheap and not easy to be explosion-proof.

Microwave vacuum drying: low temperature and low pressure, fast drying speed, suitable for solid drying.


Q24Advantages and disadvantages of microwave dryers

AStart heating from the inside, the drying speed is fast, but it is not suitable for drying materials with high sugar content (the materials will be saccharified at high temperature, and the effect is not good)


Q25What are the heat sources of the hot air circulation drying oven? What are the heat sources recommended by CT-C-IV?

ASteam, electricity, natural gas. It is recommended to use electricity.


Q26What is the cold trap(condenser) of the freeze dryer? What is the role? Will freeze dryers have this thing?

AThe Condenser is when the front compartment of the freeze dryer heats up and starts to evaporate water vapor. A cold well is needed to absorb the water vapor in the rear compartment of the machine, otherwise the vacuum pump will be damaged if it is discharged with the pipeline.


Q27What is the role of plugging and pressurization in the freeze dryer?

AUsed for automatic capping of vials.


Q28What is the role of the compensation plate in the freeze dryer?

AKeep the upper and lower temperatures of the items in each layer consistent.


Q29Does the freeze dryer need special maintenance?

AMonitor the vacuum degree, the amount of refrigerant, and the tightness of the pipeline at any time.


Q30What is the normal Freeze-drying time for one batch?

AQuick freezing for 4-8 hours. Lyophilize for 16-20 hours.


Q31How does the freeze dryer defrost?

AFill the Condenser with hot water, and use spraying and soaking methods to melt away the ice and frost attached to the cold well.


Q32What is the water replenishment amount of the freeze dryer?

AThe ability of condenser to capture water vapor.


Q33Is the number of trays of the freeze dryer fixed?

AIt can be customized according to the requirements, the larger is less, the smaller is more.


Q34What is the difference between a freeze dryer integrated machine and a separate machine?

AThe all-in-one machine is frozen and freeze-dried in one chamber. Recommended all-in-one machine for general pharmaceutical industry and small output.


Q35How many vacuum pumps are there on a freeze dryer?

A2 pcs.


Q36What are the advantages of separating the condenser from the freeze-drying chamber in the freeze-drying machine?

APrevent the moisture on the condenser from returning to the product.


Q37What material is the ply of the front compartment of the freeze dryer? What are the functions?

ALaminate stainless steel for heat transfer.


Q38How to store the dried things in the lyophilizer so as not to be affected by moisture?

APack as soon as possible within 1 hour.


Q39Factors affecting the quality of freeze dryer

A1. Vacuum degree (determined by vacuum pump)

2. Freezing speed (determined by the compressor)

3. Whether it will leak (mechanical design)

4. Water catching capacity (cold well)


Q40What is the difference between a machine with and without pre-freezing?

AGenerally speaking, the freeze-drying effect of the machine with pre-freezing is better, and the product will be more complete. In terms of price, the price of the machine without pre-freezing will be lower.


Q41Is pre-freezing a step before drying?

APre-freezing is a step before lyophilization.


Q42What equipment does a lyophilizer include?

ARefrigeration system, drying system, vacuum system, circulation system, cavity, board, control system and computer.


Q43Is the shelf life of freeze-dried products related to the machine?

AIt has a small relationship with the machine, and is mainly related to the process and the way of preservation.


Q44What is WIP cleaning system ?

AWashing in place.


Q45Can the finished product of Fluid Bed dryer be reprocessed directly on the capsule filling machine or tablet press?

AAccording to the process. Most of the process, Yes.


Q46FL, GFG, and FLP are all drying equipment, is there any difference between them?

AFL is more used for granulation drying, GFG is only used for drying, FLP can be used for coating, granulation and pelletizing.


Q47When the dryer is operating, will the outside machine also have a high temperature?

AThe outside machine will not be hot, but the heating section will be very hot.


Q48How does the suspension dry into powder?

AAccording to the actual material, the suspension is usually a chemical drug, which is basically dried from a fluidized bed.


Q49Will the drying temperature of the fluidized bed also affect the price of the machine?

ABasically it will not affect the price, and the heating source will affect the price.


Q50What is the heat source of the fluidized bed?

AEither steam heating or electric heating can be used.



Q51Principle of pulsation (same as pulsation dust removal)

ABlow back with compressed air. In the vacuum state of the box, compressed air is introduced to break the vacuum state and form air pressure.


Q52What type of dryer is usually needed to make dried fruits and what are the characteristics?

ANormal vacuum drying, hot air circulation drying, freeze dryer


Q53What kind of dryer is suitable for instant coffee?

AVacuum belt dryers and freeze dryers, spray dryers, mainly depends on the final size and the desired effect.


Q54To make fruit puree into fruit powder, can it be made with a centrifugal spray dryer?

ANo, you can use a pressure spray dryer, or a vacuum belt dryer if the temperature is required.


Q55How long does it take to freeze-dry a batch of fruit juice to powder?

A24-30 hours, depending on the sugar content, the higher the sugar content, the longer the consumption time.