How to save packing material on Blister Packing Machine

How to save packing material on Blister Packing Machine

Q: What is difference between PLC Control and Real PLC Control?

A: PLC means programmable logic control. Such as, Blister packing machine, PLC Control change the old period in Blister Packing area. Nowadays, there are two PLC Control. One it is only used for controlling the touch screen, but when you adjust the traveling scope you need to adjust the mechanical wheel. Another is our Type, you can say PLC is my machine’s heart, you can enter everything into it to make the machine running.

Q: How to change mould (Changing Parts)?

A: Nowadays we have improved our Mould changing parts, there is a groove and screw on the mould. If you want to change into different packing you can unscrew it then change. We call it convenient type mould. And we also get a video for changing mould

.Q: When the machine stops, the mould is still hot; will it heat PVC and destroy Aluminum?

A: Our Forming Mould and Sealing mould will be separated automatically when the machine stops. It is special for protecting the unused material on the machine.

Q: What is the Step Motor using for?

A: We must know one thing, if you want the machine run and the material goes ahead. There must be a motor for towing. Normally saying, there are two types motor for towing the material. One is Pneumatic Clip (Air Clip), but when the machine stop the clip will loose and materials go back, you need to adjust the machine again when restart. So we adopt Step Motor, It will be never loose. And it makes the towing length unlimited if your forming mould is long enough.

Q: The machine always run automatically, but when it runs in a wrong length, what should we do?

A: According to this problem, we use a Camera Cell for registering the Color Point on Aluminum foil. When the machine run in a wrong length it will be found by Cameral Cell, then give a single to PLC, PLC will feedback to Step Motor, at last step motor will run in a right length to save material and time

.Q: If the machine broken in a problem we can’t work out, what should I do?

A: At first, we have will send a video how to solve.Second, We have six Technicians get Passport ready to travel around the world to adjust the machine for our customers.